Seven Years

March 2, 2020

I should be getting myself something copper for making it seven whole years as Encourage Fashion. That’s the thing to do right?

I look at EF as another entity, I refer to it as her often. She came around the time that I needed an outlet back in 2013. She went through a lot of changes, specifically hair colors and definitely style. She evolved, she grew, she adapted. I always love looking back on the beginning years of her and realizing that it’s not just the clothing I was wearing or those awful boots I loved so much, it was also about the person in those pieces. She’s done some heavy growing over the near decade of existence. When I first started my website I had these wild dreams of becoming this blogger that traveled the world and just took photos all the time. I also was posting so many DIY projects (which have since been a thing of the past).

Now I look at this website as a breeding ground for inspiration, Mountain Dew related content, and a truer side of me, not what I think people want to read or see. I remember having an identity crisis a few years back and really hitting a low spot of not knowing who I was and why I even had this platform anymore. Fast forward to now and I couldn’t see my life without Encourage Fashion.

She’s pretty great, I think she’ll be around a while.

Seven is my lucky number so I look at this coming year to be a good one for me. Both in my personal life, career, and everything that I share feverishly on here.

Also, thank you. You are the reason I’m around and still writing. Without you I wouldn’t have this growing support system all across the globe always hyping me up and sending me Mountain Dew memes I definitely need to see.

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