Snow Doubt

February 19, 2020

Okay, hot tip. When thrifting or shopping in general, buy the two piece sets. I’ve picked up a few over the past couple months and I get so much out of them. You get three outfits, whether it’s wearing the two piece together or creating two other outfits with one piece.

These pants are a prime example. Yes, they are technically snow pants and yes I hemmed them to have an abstract button placement, but damn they’re good. AND they have a matching jacket. Of course I’ve worn that to no end, but have yet to wear them together. Maybe the next time I go snowboarding, or hell just sledding.

The best part of this whole thing? I got the set for $1.

Yes, you read that right. Thrifting is key to a good wardrobe for myself, and also my wallet.

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