Flourish x Leo & Wren

November 14, 2019

When I first started drawing and designing this shirt I knew exactly what it meant to me. I knew that this was a representation of all of the internal growth I went through. I knew it was going to represent being happy and whole as a person, and I wanted what I drew to portray that.

As cliche as it sounds, flowers all are really unique. Some take a little longer to get to their true form, others are where they want to be quickly. Humans are the same way. I knew over this last year I did some growing, and a lot of it. I know I’ve been growing and learning my entire life, but this last year was a real intense one, and probably my favorite one.

I hit a point in my life that I never thought I would, and I briefly shared it, but then quietly worked through it. Sharing the struggles you go through in life helps to remain a human, among all the social media craziness.

This shirt not only represents that within myself, but also my want for everyone to love themselves. Every flaw, every quirk, every inch. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s damn worth it.

You can shop this and all my jewelry over on Leo & Wren.

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