Prepare Yourself for Black Friday

October 12, 2019

It’s officially October, so that just means that holiday is right around the corner. Black Friday is always an adrenaline rush / and a slightly overwhelming experience. For someone that hasn’t actually experienced it, it can be a battle to overcome.

I’m a big believer in making sure the stores you go to physically are worth the stress, most of the time you can get the same deals online and not have to worry about leaving the carbs behind to go wait in line.

I’m not always huge on attending certain store sales, but once I get into the store I get hit with an adrenaline rush to find deals I wouldn’t mind buying. I have the mindset that if it’s meant to be (and it’s still there), then I’ll get it. I don’t like to get my hopes up for it unless I REALLY want it. I think thrifting has put me in that mindset, the hunt is sometimes worth what treasures you find.

Finding a website that helps with narrowing down this crazy shopping time has been my hidden trick to navigating it all. I checked out Slick Deals to find out what stores had what deals and what was worth standing in line for. They break down the sales within each store and what is really worth it. They also have coupons and coupon codes that be make those deals even sweeter.

The nice thing about Slick Deals¬† is they go in depth about each thing you want to know about Black Friday. The time each store opens, the day the actual ads comes out, what products are actually worth taking the time to explore. Now that I have my own place I’m slowly hunting for things to fill up the space, so having this as a tool to find out about discounted prices is a girl’s best friend. I also love that if I’m searching for gifts for friends or family this can help me narrow down what to get.

One thing that I really think is a good buy during Black Friday is electronics. If you’re in need of something tech-y then definitely wait and buy it on Black Friday. The deals are always worth it.

I’m still on the fence about actually going out and shopping, but that’s because I love a good nap after eating Thanksgiving Dinner. I’m always down to curl up under a blanket and shop online. Remember to enjoy the time with your family though, that is huge around Thanksgiving. I think that gets lost and I hate that, but enjoy your time, then shop til you drop.

So check out their website, figure out exactly what you need and are willing to trek out for and make it fun. Go with people that make it fun, and that won’t stress you out. That is key. Also make sure you take a nap after the turkey and grab a coffee to-go. I know I’ll definitely need a pick me up to go out in the craziness called Black Friday.

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