I want to flourish as much as this building.

August 5, 2019

A uniform of sorts for me has been a thick strap tank, mom jeans and a jacket *just in case*. With a ton of things happening behind closed doors in my little world, dressing myself needs to be easy. Hilariously, reading that sentence makes me sound like a child, but really, if I have one less thing to worry about I’m happy.

It’s been a full year of me thrifting most of my clothes, and rarely buying from a retail store. That makes dressing a lot easier, one for my wallet and two for my mindset. Waking up and loving everything in my closet has been a struggle for me. A few years ago I was doing some real soul searching to figure out who I really was, fashion wise. I think everyone goes through it, the discovery stage of fashion. I landed with my feet on the ground and covered in neutrals. Another thing that makes me smile about my closet is that I didn’t put myself in uncontrollable debt to get where I wanted it to be. Lord knows I wasn’t super smart with my money back in like 2012, but hey that’s life.

Now I have a better understanding of me, my style and overall life (somewhat).

This building has been a spot of lust and inspiration. It’s the ideal breeding ground for growth and a real sight, showing whoever is looking that growth takes time, but damn is it beautiful.

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