Fragrances to Swoon Over

July 6, 2019

A few things I never leave the house without: my phone, lip balm, and a finishing scent. I have a ritual every morning before I head out and applying my perfume is the last thing I do. Neck, wrists, and if I’m feeling extra, a few sprays in my hair.  

I’ve learned that if I use the same perfume everyday the scent gets lost on me. Switching it up every once and a while helps with making sure you and others can smell the scent. 

I’ve used Skylar products in the past and personally I love the Capri sent, but with their sampler set I get the option to try all that they have to offer. The fun part? Mixing two scents together, they highly recommend it. The Skylar scents are great alone, but even better together. It adds a little personal touch to it all.

Meadow and Capri are my favorites to mix. 

Something else I love about Skylar is their business model and how they strive to be clean, cruelty-free and good for the environment. As I make the transition into a more sustainable life, I want to make sure all of my products fit the bill.

Try the sampler, then use the $20 credit you earn towards your favorite full-sized scent. 

What’s not to love?

Also, all of their scents are organic and clean, so hell yes to the environment and your skin.

Skylar was kind enough to send me this product.

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