Browns of Summer

July 22, 2019

Not a shocker that I reverted back to my comfort zone, browns. It’s been so damn hot as of late, but luckily it rained over the weekend to help break the weather. Weather like this really puts me in a sluggish mood, I’ve felt it a lot recently.  Not to mention I love a good pair of jeans and I can’t break that love in the summer. Maybe my next thrift store search should be more shorts.

Today is the launch day of my new pieces of jewelry. I’ve been working on creating more, and making sure I’m happy with what I create. You should have seen the good, bad, and ugly that came before those six beauties. That’s something I struggle with when I’m creating ideas I have blissfully drawn on a piece of graph paper. I expect so much to be exactly how I want it to be, but nine times out of ten it ends up in the garbage. I almost think of it as an ode to life, nine times out of ten it doesn’t work out, but I have faith in the one time it does.

I’m really excited about the new pieces, and even the ones that I have in the works for the next drop. You can shop them over on Leo & Wren.

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