I’ll Drink [Water] To That

June 18, 2019

It’s hard for you to not notice the fact that I have a solid love for Mountain Dew. That’s been running deep since I was a little girl, my dad drank it so much when I was growing up. I even used to wear a ‘Dew the Dew’ bandana when I was younger (I’ll look for photo proof soon). That was definitely back when I was a bigger tomboy, and the 90’s.

Slowly over time I’ve noticed a slight change in myself, mainly those days that I don’t feel too hot or I’m overly sluggish. I know I don’t have the best diet or workout routine, and I’m okay with that. The one thing I KNOW I want to change is my water intake. The shocking thing to me was taking a moment one day to try to remember the last time I had a glass of water and I couldn’t. I noticed that I rarely drink water, some days I don’t drink anything BUT Mountain Dew.

Water is such an important part of life, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. But this post is my starting point for drinking more water, and potentially not drinking Mountain Dew anymore. That day will eventually come, as sad as current MacKenzie is thinking about it.

One thing I did do was buy a Nalgene, and I love it. It’s easy to fill and carry around, plus you can get one in your aesthetic and drink water in style.

I’ll be doing little check-ups here to keep myself truthful and working towards the end goal, MORE WATER.


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