Film Series – Travel Iowa

June 10, 2019

This beautiful collection of film shots are from my travels around Iowa, whether it be 30 minutes away in a tiny town with maybe 10 residents, or 3 hours away in Iowa City. I did for a split second worry that I would run out of places to shoot film, or more importantly, shoot my favorite (architecture). Obviously I didn’t even think about the realistic idea of hopping in that thing with four wheels and an engine and traveling to some very close towns.

I’ve had some hilarious interactions with people that clearly aren’t used to seeing a girl, dressed in all black normally, carrying a camera and taking photos of old buildings. I even had a lovely interaction with a guy wearing a shirt that said “Crank up the Dew” and you already know we bonded over Mountain Dew being our form of coffee.

As odd as it seems to me, shooting film has helped me branch out of my introvert comfort zone. I normally go shoot solo, so I don’t have the comfort of a good friend to help with buffering the awkward interactions I have. It’s forced me to have conversations I would normally shy away from. Look at me over here, growing as an adult.

2 responses to “Film Series – Travel Iowa”

  1. Stephanie says:

    I absolutly love your photos! They feel like home and somewhat lonesome like a forgoten portrait of a time past. They tell a story and are editorial, like something youd see in a magazine. Thank you.


    • encouragefashion says:

      Thank you! I love hearing how you viewed them, because in a way they are exactly as you interpreted them!

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