Middle May

May 20, 2019

Welcome to my first blog post for May. I’ve had the dot com in the back my brain for a while now, but with life, work, and all the projects in-between it took a backseat. Sometimes you have to re-evaluate life and what is a priority. Navigating the next step to take to push all those projects forward is a tricky thing sometimes. And as I’ve taken a step in the right direction (aka focusing on the things that bring me joy, not the things that feel like too much unnecessary work) it’s all coming together. So I’m back!

I have a lot of great things happening behind the scenes. That’s something people forget, things are happening whether you see it in the forefront or not. Sometimes protecting things you are working on before it truly should have its shining moment is A-OKAY.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my trip to Iowa City to do some thrifting, sourcing, and much needed away time from Omaha. Not negative, just really feeling the drag of not getting to hit the road for a little trip. Those will be more often, and to the most random places, so stay tuned.

We stayed in this hilariously amazing Super 7 motel and I, of course, loved the aesthetic. Are you surprised?

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