Things to Remember in your 20’s

April 25, 2019

I typed this title and knew instantly what I wanted to write in this post. I dug back deep for some of those photos above, if I dug back any further it would be a scary sight. And as I sit here and think about the fact that I’m on the second half of my 20’s, I realized I’ve learned so much and will continue to learn more until I hit that big 3 0. Clearly the learning doesn’t stop at 30, but I feel like your 20’s are a pivotal time in anyways life, you can be dumb at times, but learn from those dumb moments.

Remember that being alone is totally O-K-A-Y.

I used to be notorious for thinking I wouldn’t be a complete human without a person by my side. And if I’ve truly learned anything in these last few years it’s the exact opposite. The companion you choose shouldn’t complete you, they should overflow you. You are a whole human, they are just the extra parts.

Remember that your name is what is on your headstone.

I remember someone saying this to me and it stuck. When you leave this world your name is going to be on your headstone. Are you proud of it? Do you feel accomplished with what comes with someone saying or hearing your name? I really put a lot of thought into this recently. Taking the time to make a name for yourself is not a bad thing, and sometimes doing it alone or with a little help isn’t bad either. Make yourself happy.

Remember that people change, and you will too.

I think back to all the friends I’ve experienced. And while I think they all are amazing in their own way, over time growing and becoming the person I am today meant that some of those friends would slowly fade away. Having a small group of friends has been my thing, I’ve never been one to have tons and tons of friends (I’m an introvert). Finding those friends that make time for you and vice versa is hard sometimes, but remember you can find them.

Remember that taking time to travel is a must.

I think about all of the work travel I’ve done in the past year and I love it, but I realized that I need to remember that a personal trip is necessary. Life gets the best of us sometimes and it starts to get super busy, so take the time to take trips. Whether it’s a weekend trip or 2 damn weeks. Do it while you can.

Remember that saving for your future is a must.

I remember back when I was 20-21 I always thought a savings account was crazy, I need that money now to support myself. Yeah shit can get tough, but saving any money, maybe $5 or sometimes $50, can help you so much in the future. If I could go back and talk to 21 year old MacKenzie I would tell her two things. 1. you don’t need another credit card & 2. save every penny that you can. Having a safety net is so much more necessary than you even know.


So here’s to the 2nd half of my 20’s and learning more shit about myself.

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