Solo Girl

April 11, 2019

Traveling can be a real toll on the mind and body. I know it was for me. I also think that I got hit with a lot of emotional shit right when I got back. It didn’t help that Billie Eilish dropped her new album and I can’t stop listening to it, specifically a few songs. Being alone and having to do things without a partner after having a constant one for years is always a little hard to adjust to.

2019 started off with a rough adjustment to that, all my own choice, but it was damn rough. Being someone that is a serial monogamist, I really thought that my soul deserved some much needed solo time. I got married at a young age (19), and divorced a few years later. Since then I’ve been in back-to-back relationships with no real time to learn and grow on my own. I think once I got back to the real world from my trip it all hit me again. I’ve really been putting myself to the test, and making myself stick to my word of not settling down anytime soon.

So now you witness a tired girl, and a solo girl, struggling to stay awake but also striving to create so much good shit in the great 24 hours I’m given each day.

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