PTR Water Drench

April 19, 2019

You all can’t be shocked I’m talking about Peter Thomas Roth again. Back when I worked at Sephora and all of the amazing skincare was literally at my fingertips I fell in love with PTR. The quality of the products they produce are phenomenal. I also love that each product has a shit ton of info right on the packaging so you both know what you’re putting on your skin and how the hell to use it.

Water Drench was like a light at the end of my dry skin tunnel. It’s number one ingredient is hyaluronic acid, and if you don’t know what that ingredient does, it packs a hydrating punch. Potent HA attracts and retains up to 1,000 times its weight in water from moisture in the atmosphere, so that just means your skin is absorbing and retaining moisture all day. On top of all that hydrating, it also helps prevent aging, reduces wrinkles, and is oil, alcohol, and fragrance free.

When used religiously, this cloud cream can hydrate, and hydrate well. 72 hours of hydration sounds insane, but with this it’s definitely doable. The product will literally melt in your hand and into your skin. Run don’t walk to Sephora and try it out. I highly recommend.

Thank you Peter Thomas Roth for sending me this to try.

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