Small Town Black Chic

April 17, 2019

My love for exploring small towns has blossomed into this big beautiful thing, and now I want to spend any free time I have driving to a town of 40 people and spooking them with my camera. Got stopped in this cute little town and got asked many questions because honestly, a random girl with a camera taking photos of abandon buildings would raise a few.

I used to think that being alone on random trips would hinder what I was capable of, but I happily propped my camera up and shot these photos on a timer and I killed it, alone. I am tempted sometimes to ask random strangers, but my paranoia kicks in and I either think the photo will turn out terrible, or they’ll bolt and I won’t have a phone or camera anymore.

I’ll stick to my propping and timer method for now.

A solo trip called for a sleek, all black outfit, and my favorite bolo tie.

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