Managing Life & Travel

April 1, 2019

As crazy as this next statement might sound, traveling can sometimes be so damn stressful.

Now that I’ve really dove into a few of my goals head first, I’m starting to realize that trying to do it all on top of traveling for work is pretty damn difficult. I’m an avid note taker, planner and over thinker. So when I found out I got an amazing opportunity to travel for work I immediately went into panic mode. Not for the work thing, but the idea of being prepared for the two weeks I will be on location and not around my usual routine. Now that I started a podcast, have a jewelry collection, and run this blog, life is busy and a tad bit stressful but in the best way possible. So of course one night while I’m lying in bed writing my 15th note to myself, I realized that this would be the perfect thing to share. How I manage it all, for a one woman show. I am by no means perfect or the best at what I do, but having a few tips to throw your way might help you when you get to the point that I’m at.

Running around like an insane person to prepare.

.1 Notes, notes, notes.

I love a good notebook, to do list, and a list I can cross things off of. It’s therapeutic in a way to cross something off a long list of things to do, the most therapeutic is finishing a to do list. That is rare for me, but props to you if you make it to the dreary end. I have a few to do lists going right now for everything I need to do. I really have to sit down and map out the dates, when I’ll be gone and when I’ll be back and ready to mentally get back into my daily routine. I always plan out a day or two after my trip because lord knows I need a day to recover.

.2 Prepare a packing list.

Make a packing list for everything you need on that trip. Obviously there are things you will bring with you every time you travel (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) but I’m talking about the other things you don’t think of. Are you wanting to turn some of your trip time into an exploration / photo shoot type thing? Think about things that can double as props. I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes it’s worth bringing some of those things to make a photo that much better. I know I packed a few extra littles to add to some shots, I’m sure you’ll be able to spot them.

.3 Ducks in a row.

Three things I need to worry about when I go out of town now: my dog, the podcast, and my jewelry line. Obviously I have to get someone to watch Tucker, but on the flip side I now have to worry about my jewelry business. I know I could potentially put it on hold, but who am I kidding, that’s definitely not me. Preparing all of the stock and making sure it gets to Leo & Wren was top of my list. If you have things going on that won’t stop because you have to travel, think about having that prepped and taking a week or two before to do it. This will do wonders for you and your peace of mind. I know it did for me. I can breathe easier knowing if one of you cuties order a pair of earrings they will ship and not have to be put on hold because my life located me out of the state for a short period of time.

The podcast is another thing. We pre-record episodes right now so I just have to make sure they are edited and uploaded. I have no clue if I’m going to be around a computer, so just for my peace of mind, being an episode or two deep helps so much.

.4 Take a moment.

After all of that, please remember to take some time to relax. I know I’ve been constantly go – go – go as of late. With a daunting to do list I forget to take a moment for some self care or me time. Even if it is 10 or 15 minutes. Do a face mask, take a nap, splurge on some ice cream. Do whatever helps you calm a little before getting back in the swing of things.

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