Film Series – Georgia 3/26 – 4/3

April 15, 2019

Georgia was full of character, personality, and people. Getting to travel for work has been a blessing for me and my film photography. There are moments when I’m driving around taking photos that I think there might eventually be a time that I feel like I’ve shot everything I could. And I know that is pretty far fetched, but getting to travel to a town I probably won’t ever step foot in again is refreshing. Finding that film camera a few months back in a clearance bin has been a huge addition to my life and hobbies. I’m gaining a collection of photos that I am truly proud to show people and maybe someday I’ll find something cool to do with them and sell them. Shooting film was never about selling prints for me, it was about capturing the angles, light, and beauty I see in the world.

Here are my favorites from Georgia.

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