Atlanta Trip RECAP

April 9, 2019

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I was in Georgia for about nine days last week. We spent a little bit of time in Atlanta and then we went to a small town about 1 1/2 hours north. We visited a couple great little shops and I wanted to share a little bit about the trip.

We hit a few antique stores and thrift stores and they were amazing. Omaha is definitely spoiled when it comes to thrifting, I don’t think I will ever have such a good thrift experience outside of the Midwest.

The first stop and beautiful stay was at the Hotel Clermont in Atlanta. This hotel was amazing and the aesthetic was perfect. It’s an old apartment building renovated to be a very chic and trendy hotel. I’ll just let the photo speak for themselves. If you’re ever in the Atlanta area and are looking for a hotel to stay at, I highly recommend them.

When you check in they give you a complementary PBR, and I’m not mad about that.

There was a fun photo shoot that took place in small town Georgia. Obviously I can’t give you details on it because it won’t be coming out for a few months (when it goes live I will be sure to share it!) we shot at a couple locations and even stayed an amazing house.

I can’t talk about the small trip to Georgia without bringing up the hilarious bear that was in the house we were staying at. I’m not gonna lie, it scared the shit out of me whenever I would come out of my bedroom. It made its way into a closet until we left.

On the road to Atlanta we stopped at a really cool place called the School Bus Graveyard. It’s just a ton of old school buses that have been painted and graffitied really beautifully.

The trip ended it back in Atlanta. We spent the day on electric scooters, shopping, drinking, and eating delicious food. I highly recommend trying the scooters out. Take them on the Beltway and just ride around until you can’t anymore. The experience was amazing.

One of the places we stopped to grab a drink was called Little Spirit. If you go there order Saturday Morning Cartoons, it has Trix infused mezcal and comes in a cereal bowl. I highly recommend this hilarious Trix topped drink.

Overall the trip to Georgia was fantastic. I met a lot of amazing people, networked as much as possible. I would definitely go back, the only thing is I hated the Atlanta traffic. Uber and Lyft are your friend there.

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