The Face of a Few Changes

March 18, 2019

Over the past 26 years I've lived on this beautiful green planet I've started to believe more that as I age I fall more into realization. Sometimes it takes a little longer for things to *click* for me. I'm definitely the type to leave a conversation and think about 50 things I could/should/would say. Part of my aging process has been more about speaking my mind (more than I already do) in the moment. It sounds like such a small feat, but trust me it's tough. Truly trusting your gut and realizing what's best for you sometimes has to be learned, it doesn't just happen.

As you look at all these photos of me and my creations I'm internally growing, processing, succeeding, failing, realizing, and learning. I don't share much about my personal life on social media and part of that has to do with wanting to keep it personal, but also not truly understanding it myself. I always heard your 20's are your time for growth and damn is that true.

A few things have changed for me in the last few months, some good, some not so much. I'm really looking at this year to truly grow me. What I want, what I love, what drives me.

The whole point of this blog is to share my struggles, my creations, and my successes. So here is to many more of the last two, but you bet your sweet ass I'll share those struggles as well. Everyone struggles, and sometimes it's a breath of fresh air to remember that.

As long as I can wear these shoes 4 out of 7 days of the week, I'll be just A-OKAY.


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