EF Handmade Jewelry Line

March 28, 2019

Going in the way way back machine, I once had an Etsy shop and made jewelry. Granted it was definitely a different time and a different MacKenzie when I started. But even thinking back, I always love the idea of making my own jewelry.

Not that long ago, when I was out thrifting, I saw some really great vintage pieces that I loved. Vintage has always inspired me, it’s a real testament to the eras it thrived in. So one day I went home and decided to start it up again. I made one simple piece and it skyrocketed into an amazing partnership with two incredible ladies. Ashli and Louise reached out a long time ago about partnering with me. I had posted a photo saying I wanted to sell jewelry again but hadn’t decided where or when or even how it would all work. And the rest is paved history. Now I’m brainstorming ideas almost daily, I’m always thinking about another piece I can add to the collection. Let me tell you though, you are looking at the shining stars. There were definitely some failed attempts, long nights of frustration, and some days I wanted to give up. Being a perfectionist is damn difficult sometimes.

These are just the beginning, the collection will grow over time. I will even have some limited edition pieces, because who doesn’t love an exclusive piece?

Orbit will always be my baby, my number one. She was the one take I almost gave up on, but looking back I truly, 100% believe that practice makes perfect. She is a true testament to that.

You can shop the entire collection over on Leo & Wren.

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