Best Thrifted Decor

March 8, 2019

Every thrift store has a select few items that can be used as decor in anyone's home. That's the one thing I love about thrift stores, decorating is so much easier. The thrill of walking in a store not knowing what you'll find, on top of feeling like it's a more exclusive item rather than racks and racks full of the same item.

I am guilty of purchasing some of these items and using them for decor, so hey, welcome to the club.

 1. Mirrors

I decided that one wall in my bedroom would be all mirrors. I've learned that whenever I go to a thrift store I always want to buy all of them, and instead of a art gallery wall (which I have already started), I thought a good gallery wall of mirrors would be amazing. It's a work in progress, but I already love how it looks.

2. Glassware

The intricate details that are in the glass pieces I find are amazing. Not only do they work well for holding jewelry or literally being a drop zone for random things in your pockets, I also love using these for photo props.

3. Picture Frames

An obvious one, but I don't think I've purchased a frame from a full price retail store in a really long time. So I figured I would add it to the list. There really is a ton you can find at the thrift store that you would never think you could find.

4. Candleholders

I found this amazing candleholder at the store and I knew exactly what it would be perfect for. I love the idea of displaying my watches and other jewelry on it. It's worked out well so far, until I get more and more jewelry.

5. Old Books

Old books with some killer covers are cool to use for decor. One little tip I like books for: stacking them to hide cords. Sometimes you can't disguise all those cords under a credenza or buffet, so buy all of the same color books and stack them to add some cool touches to your home and have them work two jobs.

6. Trays

There are sooooo many trays you can find at the thrift store. I don't think that you can go to the store and not find a tray there, whether it's a wicker one or some amazing mirrored ones. I still haven't found the exact one I'm looking for, but that's the fun part of searching for things.


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