Pendleton vs. Polar Vortex

February 7, 2019

Being a December baby you would think I loved the snow. I have mixed reviews on it. I truly think I only like it if it's not blistering cold out when it's around. the damn wind makes me hate winter. On the flip side, I do love a good reason to layer until I can't really function.

I thrifted this Pendleton long coat a few weeks back and never truly realized how badly I needed a good camel coat until I noticed it works so well with most of my closet. And the nice thing is I got it for less than $10. If you haven't gotten on the thrift bandwagon, I highly suggest it. Just don't buy the brown tops, because everyone knows I need all of them.

I really do hope this Polar Vortex stuff is over with because I cannot wait for warmer weather and the ability to park my car and walk around to get some good film shots and experience Omaha and CB more.

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