Film Series – Southwest Iowa

February 28, 2019

Film photography has always been on my list of things to start. I found myself taking tons of photos of the architecture in the Omaha area and wanting to share it. #EFOmahaViews came to fruition at the beginning of 2018 and I have been sharing all kinds of photos ever since.

Now whenever I have some free time and my film bestie Cori has time to explore with me, we go out and shoot. Sometimes on the coldest days, or with a lot of these photos, the days we get a sheet of ice. I decided one day to drive around Southwest Iowa small towns and find some of the best places to take photos. Old, small towns are my favorite. Frozen in time, there is so much to photograph that has so much character. I grew up in Iowa so of course these towns hold a big spot in my heart.

I will be sharing more of my film photography on here and also over on my IG.

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