New Year, New Me, New Plans

January 10, 2019

Everyone has been there, the new year rolls around and you plan all these awesome resolutions. Some are fitness related, others are just to be a better person. I've never had a fitness related resolution, so I've never experienced the "screw it, I hate the gym" fall out. I have had resolutions that I never followed through with, everyone has. I don't even think I've EVER followed through with any of my resolutions. I looked back at my 2018 goals and the one I did accomplish was a blog revamp. Other than that I definitely didn't travel overseas or spend less time on my phone.

Instead of resolutions, I wrote goals. Verbiage is everything to me, I read into words more than anything. Setting goals is something I do year round. This keeps me sane, and on top of my game. This year, I sat down with a fresh notebook and a pen and wrote goals I want to accomplish, whether they are a daily goal or something that will take me years.

So here are my goals, hold me to them.

2019 Goals

Build a great portfolio at work. Career goals for 2019.

Work on less tech time.

Take photos, weekly, and don't be afraid to do some MORE daring / creative shit.

Get a 24-70 mm lens. Saving pennies as we speak.

Get ahead of my debt, we all have it. If you don't, congrats. Student loans are real, and expensive.

More self love / self care. Taking the time to pamper myself, because only I can truly take care of myself.

Read 15 books. Giving myself a specific number is better than saying "I'm going to read more".



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