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January 18, 2019

Guys, LOQI is literally amazing and I'm going to tell you all about it in this post, written in the style of a school essay. I'm kidding, I just started this post out very college / high school essay style I had to say it. But really, LOQI is killer.

I've been working to have a large portion of my closet thrifted and the other portion be curated, high quality pieces. Getting away from fast fashion is a goal of mine, but it might be hard to stop shopping Zara & H&M. I'm sure I can stop overtime, I've just relied on them and have loved their fashion for so many years. I am proud to say that I haven't purchased anything from either of them for MONTHS now.

*slow clap started by me*

A good thrifter knows that a reusable bag is a good piece to have while searching a few stores. Not only can you throw everything in it, you save a few plastic bags in the process. I've racked up a few that I use for groceries as well, but now I have the holy grail of reusable bags. I wanted one I can use to go to work, one I could take my computer in to a coffee shop, and here she is. LOQI has so many great options, and they even have more than just reusable totes. Their collection spans from weekend travelers to backpacks to luggage covers. Why was I so drawn in? they have so many art options, and even just a ton of simple solid color options. Honestly anyone can find something on their site they will love.

So say hello to my new best friend, she's here to stay in all her silver glory.

Thank you again to LOQI for sending me this bag complimentary.

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