EF Playlist 01. Alone, But Not Lonely

January 25, 2019

I don't truly think I can function without music. I don't check social media the moment I wake up anymore, I find the best Spotify playlist to start up & get ready to. I do my makeup, clean, blog, cook, etc. to music. I also truly believe that music can help you get through literally anything you're going through. I've used music as an emotional crutch, I'm sure everyone has. I can go back in time and tell you what a song or album meant to me when it came out. Adele's 25 album helped me get through losing a very close friend, Sabrina Claudio's No Rain, No Flowers album helped me get through some recent relationship issues. I still crank some Dub Step when I need to get ready to go out with the girls or just be in a "fuck it" mood.

With music becoming such a strong presence in my life, I wanted to start sharing more of it with you. You will definitely be able to tell my mood, what I'm going through, and to me that's just another way for me to open up to all of you.

This first playlist is exactly what it seems to be, a woman empowering one. Realizing that you don't need outside forces to be happy. As a good friend once said, being happy with yourself is one thing. Having someone or something outside of that should just be overflow. So enjoy, and if you like it or it helps you get through some shit I'd love to hear.

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