Vintage Sportswear

November 6, 2018

I remember back in the day all I really wanted was an ADIDAS logo tee to tuck into my high waisted jeans and not have to fuss about an outfit ever. Now I keep adding logo tees to my wardrobe like its nobody's business. On days when I really don't want to exert too much brain power on an outfit I grab a t-shirt, jeans, and some boots (who am I kidding, my Converse). Some days that's all you need.

I thrifted most of what I'm wearing, but I wanted to make sure I shared pieces anyone can buy to build this look! That's definitely going to be the norm moving forward, now that I've thrifted almost half of my wardrobe I wear now.

If you haven't read my Thrift Bible I highly recommend you do, then go out and thrift your heart out!


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