Plaid About It

November 15, 2018

The title of this post is obviously a play on words, but it also has some strong meaning. I wish I could have an important talk with this weather and prevent it from snowing so soon. I live for fall; the layering, the crisp air in the morning, all the activities surrounding those fall months. The cold always puts me at a stand still, making me really debate if I want to go out and do things. This time of year daylight savings really kills my mood considering it gets dark at 5:30pm. It also kills my productivity with outfit photos. That just means I have to try not to procrastinate and get shit done!

No joke, this is another plaid jacket I found while out of town. This time I found this one in a Kansas City antique mall of all places. I cannot stop wearing this. The fit, the color, the warmth. I can't complain.

I have a few exciting things happening this weekend so stay tuned on IG, I'm sure I'll share a lot on my stories!

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