Omaha Favorites – Archetype Coffee

November 26, 2018

A little while ago, circa May 2018, I took photos at one of my favorite buildings. The outside is a real dream, I'm a sucker for architecture. Whenever I hunt for a place to take photos it always seems to be an old industrial building or a really cool alley with a ton of character. Little did I know this amazing building I found was going to be the second Archetype Coffee opening in Omaha. When I found that out I was stoked. I love when small businesses expand, and also when they expand in my direction. Their space is very true to the old building they renovated. Exposed brick, cool, big windows, and the cool colorful exterior. Not to mention the coffee is amazing, and I always will recommend a chai latte. If you're in the Little Bohemia area check out their coffee shop. It's also a perfect place to have a meeting, study, or even just catch up with old friends


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