November 2018 Recap

November 30, 2018

Defining November 2018:

Thrifting has been my outlet, my stress reliever. I think I've thrifted more this month than I have in a long time.

I've made some life changes, and really decided to hone in on finding my happiness. It's hard to not lose yourself while helping or loving others.

It's been crazy cold here in Omaha, so I don't think I've left the house without thirty layers on.

Christmas is heavily approaching and I have maybe only shopped for 3 things.

My work trip to Palm Springs is next week and I'm beyond stoked. Getting a break from this cold and experiencing a new city.

I met so many people that have really helped me pull the wool away from my eyes and realize that settling isn't a thing. Everyone deserves to be happy and yes change can be hard, but damn is it worth it.

I had so much content to share I actually put up 5 posts a week. That was huge for me. November was packed with content, now I just have to keep that going.

November was a month of learning, changing, and working towards becoming a more empowered me.

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