September 2018 Recap

October 1, 2018

Defining September 2018:

Went to a few weddings, went to a few events. Had a lot of fun.

Worked on some more jewelry ideas that I plan on sharing with the world soon. Now that I started creating I can't stop. I also started digging more past project out of closet to either finish them or rework them.

I finally put out my Thrift Bible and I couldn't be happier to finally write it up and share it. Writing it was eye opening because I learned that writing about something that I'm truly passionate about brings the best content. I also learned not to stress about things and let things flow. If I personally cannot get something accomplished I can take a breather and accomplish it when I can. Don't sweat the small stuff and realize that going with the flow is best.

I also finished a few books and started reading The Summer of Pink and I love it. Poetry books are the way to my heart, and Gabrielle Mbeki is a killer gal.

October is the start of my favorite season and all the best holidays. Cheers to making October even better than September.

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