EF Thrift Upcycle – Button Game

September 4, 2018


Since thrifting has taken over a large part of my time I wanted to show you a bit more of it. I plan on writing up a whole guide in the next week or two so I can share my tips and tricks. This little trick is my favorite. You can find something you truly love, but it's just off a little. Something about the cut, the shoulder pads, the buttons, anything. A simple change and you can make a piece you like into something you want to wear all the time.

In this case, I fell in love with the texture and fabric of this top, but not the buttons. Buttons are so easy to change out and can do wonders to the style of any top. I went to my local craft store (I made sure to bring a button with me so I didn't get replacements that were too small or large), bought a new set of buttons and bam, new top. It's subtle, but subtle enough for me to want to wear it more than normal.

I have so many different pieces that I have tweaked to look slightly different. Sometimes all you need is a needle, thread, and a little patience to make a piece truly fit your style.

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