Basics with Flair

September 20, 2018



Basics in fashion are everywhere, but GOOD basics are sometimes hard to find. I personally dislike women's basics; they are too thin, fit funny, or have a strange shape. I also have learned that white is really hard to take care of and sometimes not worth the purchase. When I went to H&M the other day I ventured into the men's section to find Troy some jeans and ended up finding the best basic tees in so many colors (I bought beige and khaki green). You know that moment when you find a piece of clothing that needs to be in your closet? That was this moment. And at $7 a piece I wasn't going to complain. I can't praise these tees enough. They're soft, the perfect length, and after being washed & dried still hold up.

Where do you find your best basics?


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