Omaha Favorites – KANEKO

August 29, 2018

I'm surprised I never started a series like this before, but then again I didn't truly dig deep into Omaha until the last couple years. Omaha has become a bigger city with so much to offer. I feel like it gets sidelined sometimes as a tourist destination because it's in the Midwest and doesn't have a big spot on the map. In comes my Omaha Favorites posts. I love to explore around the city and I figured I might as well create a series that I can share all the great places I have been in Omaha. Some will be a combined, others will be about one specific spot.

The first spot I'm talking about is KANEKO. I've posted about this nonprofit art exhibit before, but I had to gush about it since I recently visited and fell in love with the Reality exhibit. They have a different exhibit every few months, and so far I've gone to two. This has been my favorite. The photos say so much, and I just love how odd and inspiring some of the work is.

If you have a chance to stop down you should. This exhibit is up until late September.

More Omaha Favorites in the works...

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