Omaha Fashion Week – Harmony Night

August 26, 2018

This happens to be the second year I've attended Omaha Fashion Week and I'm starting to love it. Me being me, I normally shy away from big crowds or events, but as I've gotten older I've gotten out of my comfort zone. I've learned that I can't be afraid to put myself out there, and now it's way easier that I've discovered more about myself and the true me.

A few of my fellow Omaha bloggers and I met up before for dinner and drinks at Via Farina. They have the best atmosphere and the drinks are even better. I highly recommend the Rum Aviation. After dinner we went the the venue and it was a real blast. Going with people always makes it more fun.

The fashion was amazing and super inspiring, my favorite of the night was Nokota Style. Her line was very much my vibe and perfect for Fall. I also loved AD Delgado, his collection was very Alexander McQueen inspired and killer on the runway.

I probably will attend so many more nights in the next OFW, but I'm happy I made it out this time around! If you have thought about going, you definitely should. It's a fun experience and great for networking!

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