If You See Me, You Can Say Hi

August 21, 2018

When I was a kid I remember going over to my neighborhood friend's house, walking upstairs to her room, and indulging in her book collection. I found myself pulling a book from the shelf and getting so engulfed in it I almost forgot where I was and that I wasn't there to read.

Books have always been something I loved. I still give my mom book ideas when she asks for her annual Christmas list. And I'm a book-in-hand kinda girl, not a Nook or Kindle. A good old fashioned book where the pages can get ripped and stained with the tea I drink while reading. In that sense they tell two stories, the one on the page and the one added with my fingerprint.

I just finished reading this book, If You See Me, Don't Say Hi. I HIGHLY recommend it. It's a good take on the world we live in now, and encompasses a lot of the stereotypes people face everyday. 11 short stories wrapped up into one amazing book.

What's on your reading list? What should I read next?

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