EF Thrifted Lately – August

August 15, 2018

Thrifting has always been in my blood, and now it has become a weekly trip. I thrive off of going into a store and digging for something I'll love. I get asked all the time where I thrift or what my method is, and I plan on writing a whole blog post about my thrifting tips soon. For now I wanted to share a few of my recent outfits that involve at least one piece from a thrift store. I can sit here and preach about thrifting and how its good for the environment, but I will save all of that for the big thrift post!

Thrifted - Shirt & Watch

Thrifted - Shirt, Belt, Bag, & Jewelry

Thrifted - Shirt, Jeans, Belt, & Bag

Thrifted - Belt & Jeans

Thrifted - Shirt & Bag

Thrifted - Skirt

Thrifted - Shirt & Bag

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