August 2018 Recap

August 31, 2018

Defining August 2018:

Diving deep into defining my style, aesthetic, and the vibe I want to put out in the world through EF.


Being bolder & reaching out to brands more about working with me. I used to not think I was worth their investment, but after defining myself a little bit more I became more confident to extend that initial "Hi, I love your brand and think we would work so well together". I get asked to partner with brands I know are definitely not my style and it's just a gut feeling now. I know that if I don't initially love that brand or even the interaction I have with them it's an immediate no. Know your worth, and know that it's okay to say NO.

Hitting a few bumps in my personal life, but coming out the other side stronger than ever.

If I learned anything this past month it is invest REAL time in you and your dreams. As cheesy as it sounds I put a lot of that on the back burner. But if you've followed me recently or just within the last few months I really have felt more ME until recently. So hi, hello, this is me, MacKenzie.

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