Greenery for Black Thumbs

June 4, 2018

Growing up I never really had plants. My mother wasn't very good at keeping indoor plants or flowers alive, and she passed that down to me. For a while I didn't even try to help improve the black thumb I was given, but about a year ago I wanted to. I knew moving into my own home with so much more sunlight and windows meant I would have more opportunities to grow some great plants. So here are a few tips from a fellow black thumb wanting to be green.

All photos below are found on my Pinterest board EF Home.


Dried flowers in a pretty vase can be a good decor option. If you have no luck with plants at all, buy dried flowers from a craft store or Trader Joe's sometimes has some to buy with their fresh flowers. I love dried lavender and eucalyptus personally. You can also get fresh flowers and dry them yourself. A few flowers you can dry are baby's breath, roses, globe thistle, and marigolds.


Pressing flowers or greenery in a frame has always been on my list for decor. We always pressed flowers in books as kids and now we took it up a notch to actually frame it and hang it on the wall. I have a gallery wall in the works and I will hang a few of these in that art gallery.


Air plants are easy, and they can be made into some really killer decor pieces. They are the easiest plant that I have ever had. You soak them in water for 10-20 minutes every couple weeks and you're golden. I do mist them every once in a while when I feel like they are drying out but don't need a full watering.


Succulents and cacti are simple and I'm obsessed with them. Every time I go to a plant nursery I try to restrain myself from buying another one. They work well to build a terrarium, whether it be elaborate or just a few. If you forget to water them sometimes you're fine, but don't neglect them too much.

One response to “Greenery for Black Thumbs”

  1. Elizabeth Seal says:

    Aww such cute cacti! Absolutely loving these ideas, I always thought dried flower bouquets were super romantic and the pressed plant frames are so dreamy 😀 I’d love to collect a cactus or two! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

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