Summer Skin Savers

May 10, 2018

The moment the temperature starts to rise I know it's time to bust out the summer skincare with loads of SPF. A fair skinned girl like me has done a great deal of research into what my skin needs in the summer. Hydration, sun protection, and breathability.

Here is four things each person needs to give their skin in the summer. Oily, dry, combo, or normal. We all could benefit from some extra skin love.


I cannot stress this enough. If I could buy stock in SPF, I would. I've been down the road of having the worst sunburns, and I'm telling you it isn't worth it. Also, you can still get tan with some SPF on. Protecting your skin not only helps with the burn, but it also helps slow the aging process. Some products have built in protection, but these bad boys are tried and true. I had to add some lip protection because some sweeties forget that lips can get damage too!


I'm the last person to complain about heavy foundation. I hardly wear any, most days I slap on some concealer and head out. I still believe that this summer, you should ditch those heavy foundations and reach for something more lightweight, but with good coverage. All of these tinted moisturizers are great, plus they have SPF. Sun protected and moisturized skin is key for spring and summer, but also all year round.  


I'm crazy about hydrating my skin. I've had dry skin my whole life, so I have tested a ton of different tricks to keep it hydrated. In the hotter months I always carry around a hydrating mist. My first choice is always the Ole Henriksen Facial Water. It smells amazing and helps with refreshing a good makeup day. You can even use any of them without makeup on.


I'm obsessed with masking, to the point that I have more masks than I actually think I can use. Masking more in the summer is ideal because it gives your skin that little extra TLC and helps to rejuvenate after spending all day in the sun. I always reach for the more hydrating ones, like Farmacy Honey Potion. This mask is incredible in the hydrating and antioxidant aspects. I also love a good exfoliating mask for all that dry skin, and the Drunk Elephant Baby Facial is incredible. My girl Jordan got me hooked on this and I don't think I'll ever go back to the others. 

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