Platform Blues

May 15, 2018

I don't know why, but I always feel empowered whenever I wear an off-the-shoulder top. When I truly don't know what I want to wear, I always find this in my closet and wear it. It's become a great staple piece, plus I think I found a new love for gingham. I'm honestly surprised I haven't purchased anything else in this print. Granted, I have been sticking to more neutrals and solid colors to build a good backbone in my closet. Maybe now is the time to branch out into a more printed world.

These shoes are another piece in my closet that don't see much daylight, mainly because I fear having to break them in. I changed out the laces because I wanted a more sleek look, and I love them. Once they are broken in I'm sure I'll be wearing them more. Pain is beauty, maybe I'll just wear them around my house for a few days.

I gathered a great little collection of off-the-shoulder tops for you to shop as well as some killer platform oxfords. Enjoy!

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