Cherry Red

May 8, 2018

Since we recently purchased a house we have a whole new area to explore and take photos. It's fun to hop in the car and go searching for a spot to snap some photos. We even happened to find a super cool guy with a collection of old cars and a rock and mineral store that we have to go check out. Not like I don't already have a ton of trinkets I haven't found a home for yet. Trying to decorate a house can be stressful, but I've started realize that it's not always permanent and can be changed.

These red jeans sat in my closet for a couple months before I decided to break them out. I had a wild hair to purchase a pair a while back and found a killer pair for a great price. It took me a little while to style them, but I'm happy to have them available in my closet. Obviously they'll be nice around the holidays or even next Valentine's Day.

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