Home Refresh – Spring Edition

April 19, 2018

With the exciting news that we closed on a house, I have been decor and furniture shopping non-stop. Almost to the point that I haven't even gotten moved in and I already planned and re-planned some rooms. I'm beyond stoked to have a house I can personalize with Troy. If we want to knock a wall out, we can, because we own that bitch! Renting makes sense for a little while, but we hit the point where our money wasn't going towards something tangible. Buying a house is hard, looking for the perfect one is harder. 

Now that we have a house I will have a ton more posts relating to home decor, decorating and all that comes with buying a house. I hope you're ready.

I might even get some DIY's back under my belt... It's been a few years since I posted one of those. Almost 3 to be exact.

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