Style is Never Wrong

March 13, 2018

PSA: If you ever need to get a shirt on with a very small head opening, put a plastic bag on your head and it will glide right on. The perfect trick for someone like me that does their makeup first, then realizes it will get ruined when I get dressed. Just don't harm yourself doing it, for obvious reasons. I've stretched a few necklines to not ruin some great makeup, and now that I taught myself this trick it's saved some shirts.

I tell you that because if you buy this tee from Zara you will need to do that. I got a size small and it has a tiny head hole. I love the shirt, but that's my only gripe with it. It's a great shirt to just throw on with some jeans and go. I've been doing that more often than not. And I'm not complaining. Once this weather kicks in you'll see dresses, skirts and a lot more!

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