Spring Skin Ready w/ Farmacy

March 22, 2018

Winter is always a downer on my productivity and my skin. I feel like I have to work extra hard to keep my skin from being drab. Finding the best products for that is hard with everything on the market too. I had a leg up with the ability to gain knowledge from working at Sephora previously so I have some inside scoop on what's going to be great for my skin.

Ever since my time at Sephora, I've loved Farmacy. The moment they came to be I knew I would adore their products. Their aesthetic, story, and killer ingredients were all I needed to fall in love. It's a farm grown brand, and I love that. That means it's not going to irritate or drive my sensitive skin crazy. At least one Farmacy product touches my face morning or night. When you find something you love you tend to stick with it.

When their Green Clean Melting Cleanser came out I knew I needed it, a lazy girl like me likes the easiest way possible to take off my face. Yes, whenever I get ready for bed I tell Troy I'm taking my face off, because that's what it feels like. The ease of the product is incredible, just grab a quarter size amount, warm it up in your hand, and spread on your face. Finish off with a few splashes of water and a warm washcloth and you're golden. Not only does it remove all of my makeup, it also leaves my dry skin feeling great. It's also not oily afterwards, which is huge because nobody wants to feel or look shiny.

I would highly recommend you check out their line. You can shop their whole collection here.

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