March 6, 2018

This may come as a shock, but I have never attended the Omaha Fashion Week until this year. And to be honest, I never really heard much about it until a few years ago. I moved around a lot, and before I moved I didn't get much exposure to Omaha and the awesome events they host. My friend Mara reached out and asked me if I would want to attend and I immediately said yes. Me being the introvert I am I've never wanted to attend without someone that has already went before. I'm an over-planner so asking someone all the questions so I know what to expect is always on my radar.

For those that haven't attended but want to, do it. It's fun. The atmosphere is incredible. You're surrounded by fun, fashion, and food. OFW is the fifth largest in the nation, and the energy surrounding it is amazing. I thrive off of the feeling I get watching a fashion show. I've attended one other "fashion show" for Anthropologie and this one definitely tops it. My goal for this year or next is to experience NYFW, go big or go home right? 


  • Buy tickets for more than one day. / I think it would be a lot of fun to make a week out of it. Plus more outfit planning, duh.
  • Plan my outfit sooner. / In my defense I shopped in less than a week for my outfit, but I was damn happy with it. More planning and I would have loved it more.
  • Volunteer. / I think working backstage would be super fun, and it would get me out of my comfort zone a little bit.

Thank you again to Mara for inviting me to go to my first ever Omaha Fashion Week show. I'm sure I'll be wanting to attend more in the future.

Also, congrats to all the beautiful people that had beautiful people walk in their beautiful clothes.

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