Five Years of EF

March 3, 2018

I still cannot believe that I've hit the five year mark with blogging. It feels like just yesterday I was purchasing the domain name and trying to figure out what content I wanted to create. Fast forward to today and I wouldn't change a thing.

I've had some bumps in the road. I even went a few months without posting anything, because sometimes you just need a breather. Taking a little hiatus can help a soul tremendously. This last little break was a good one because when I started back up I started sprinting with ideas and content.

I always love to reflect on my blog anniversary and also give back to those that have been with me for a years or just a few days. Of course that means GIVEAWAY TIME!

I debated what I wanted to do for this and decided that I wanted it to be something that reflects me and also is personal to whoever wins it. I decided to gift an item of the winners choice from Gldn (up to $60). I bought a necklace from them and I absolutely love it. So I wanted to share their amazing products with one lucky winner.

The post is over on my Instagram, so go enter!

For an entry on the blog, comment one of your goals for 2018.

Also, this is not sponsored by Gldn, I just love their products!

Here's to another amazing year and thank you all for following my madness.

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