Stigma With Blogging

February 28, 2018
Get ready guys, because this post is going to be lengthy.

Having been blogging for almost 5 years now it really has made a huge impact on my life. I am in no way where I want to be when it comes to blogging, but I know I’ve come a long way from the beginning. I sometimes have people ask me certain questions about blogging or how I started and if I have any tips. I am, by no means, a blogging expert. I’m all self-taught in any aspect of blogging and photography. Styling comes natural to me, hence why I got a fashion degree and love everything related to fashion.
This post is about the stigmas I’ve experienced and ways I’ve battled them, or how I still am.
A huge stigma I wish I would have known would affect me the most is “you always have to be wearing something new/trendy in every post”. This is a bullshit thought within the industry. Back when I first started I assumed that if I wasn’t wearing something new or even an entirely new outfit then it wouldn’t be worth taking photos of. Not only did I spend a bunch of money on clothes, I kept buying things because I assumed I needed them. Fast-forward to today and I take such thought into what I purchase before I buy it. I like shopping alone because I tend to walk around the store a thousand times really debating if I need another gray sweater or pair of jeans. I don’t buy into the trends nearly as much. I’ve started buying real quality staple pieces that will be worn for years, rather than a season or two. Also every person is different, some people like to see things styled in different ways because honestly, nobody has the money to wear something once or twice then never look at it again. I still have a hard time battling this within myself mainly because I assume what my audience will think before I even post it. I promised myself I would take on the “IDC” attitude when it comes to judgment. Yeah, I wore that sweater already in a post, but it’s paired with an entirely different outfit now. Embrace the realness of styling and fashion.

A lot of the battles I have within myself is “are you good enough”. I focused so much on the numbers and followers in the beginning of my blogging career. That is not the route you want to take. When I focused on the numbers I felt like my content lacked a heavy dose of me. There are people that can post something new every day. They travel, they get up at 6 am, and put a full face of makeup on because blogging is their full time job. I, on the other hand, don’t always do that. Hell, not a ton of people do. The reality is, comparing yourself to someone that has a completely different upbringing, lifestyle, and work life is an impossible task. It is so hard to not get FOMO {fear of missing out} or wish you could do something or be somewhere else. My way of battling this stigma: focus on you in the now. There is something good in every day. Also, if I wake up at 9 am and just want to wear sweats and no makeup, I plan on it. You don’t have to be glamorous your whole life, unless that is what you want. Don’t feel like these staged lifestyles on Instagram are real, because most of the time they aren’t. That perfect photo could have been the 34th out of 100 photos taken.

Getting swept up into someone else's blog or getting sucked down the rabbit hole of Instagram can be killer to creativity and a good mindset. I've been there a time or two where I will find something I love on the explore page, then 20 minutes later I'm on some strange Instagram with people making weird DIY hacks. Dreaming about living a life that you only see on these perfectly curated squares doesn't help. I've been there a time or two, I'll discover some great feeds and sit there and compare myself to them. Probably the most unhealthy thing to do. In those moments I have to step back and remember that there is only one me out there and I should be damn happy about that.

There was just a bunch of drama about bloggers and them being inauthentic. If I could give advice to anyone, even one person, it would be don't take things to heart. I read an article where the girl compared Instagram to a living room. You want to hang up the best photos in your living room for everyone to see, that is exactly what Instagram is to people, their best photos. You don't see their piles of laundry or the dishes in their sink for a reason. Also you shouldn't ask to see that either. We all know it exists. The moral of this is to remember nobody is perfect.

2018 is my year to really grow within my blogging, but also grow personally along with it. Make blogging much more personal, hence why I typed this whole post up. I found myself not sharing as much as I would have wanted in the past and I decided to change that. I hope you read this and learned a little bit more about me, and can relate somehow to the struggles literally everyone can have. Always remember, you weren't put on this earth to please anyone, so enjoy life the way you see fit.

Also, if you ever feel like just girl talking, I'm always down. It takes a lot for someone to be able to voice their struggles within this world. So feel free to know I'm always all ears!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you.

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