Canadian Tuxedo

February 7, 2018

I've noticed a trend over the past couple weeks. My uniform has been very neutral. Black, brown, and cream. I think a lot of it has to do with the crappy weather we've had in Omaha. I'm desperate for a good day, full of sun and not another snow day. January was incredibly long because of the weather and the lull of getting sick. I remember as a kid I always loved the idea of getting a sick day. Now I dread getting sick mainly because I feel less motivated with photos and blogging. Whenever I get sick, even just for a day or two, I feel like I really missed out on a lot that I could accomplish. I almost feel like I can't afford to be sick ever.

With February here I feel a little more on top of things. I have hit some walls over the past couple days with productivity and creativity. When I lack motivation I don't feel like anything gets accomplished. Also, when that happens I think of something that will get me back into a creative mindset. This time it was painting. I went to Hobby Lobby {aka Hob Lob}, picked up some canvas' and paint and went to town. It's gotten my brain moving for potentially creating for others or even selling the really good ones. I'm still rusty, but I'll get into a groove and figure that all out in time. Plus this falls with my less screen time kick I'm on. What's better than creating something you can love for years to come?

Sidenote about these killer jeans; they're on a great sale and worth every penny. If you ask Troy I over-wear them, but I'm obsessed!

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