Things That Make Me MacKenzie

January 10, 2018

I took a little time off of blogging and I wanted to put together a post about me. For those that are new, returning, or have known me forever. Hello again and welcome to my madness.

1. If carbs aren’t in my meal, I find a way to make them. I’m obsessed with anything carb related. Pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, french fries, you name it. I like a good yeast carb most. I could probably survive on just mac and cheese from Pitch and Minute Rice.

2. I wanted to double major in interior design. I love every aspect of interior design. I can’t wait to buy my first house so I can finally hone in on my style and craft the perfect dwelling. I really wish I would have double majored, but I know I would be drowning in student loan debt if I did. I’m never too old though.

3. Video games were a childhood core of mine. I would be completely content playing Tomb Raider or Destiny all day. I grew up watching my brother play Resident Evil and my dad play Tomb Raider so that will always be near and dear to my heart. I remember playing on the old school PlayStation One. Now I own an Xbox One and still play Tomb Raider and Crash Bandicoot.

4. I’ve only been to four concerts. Ever. My first one was Fall Out Boy in 7th or 8th grade. The last one was Future Islands. It was outdoor and probably one of the best nights of 2017. Front row, making friends, having a girl I just met hold my phone while I went to the bathroom. Good times.

5. I’m blunt. This can be both bad and good at times. I’m an open book mainly, so ask me anything and I’m sure I’ll tell you.

6. My last name is Boner. Yes, you read that right. Yes, I’ve heard all the jokes. It’s been a nickname of mine for a while now. I love telling people that because they never know how to react.

7. I’m indecisive as crap. For certain things this can be the biggest pain in the ass; where to eat, what to do on the weekends, the usual things.

8. I have the worst memory. Everything to me happened “the other day”. I struggle so much trying to remember certain things. I’m an avid note taker for this reason.


Thanks for taking a moment to read more about my craziness. 
I’m so excited for this year and what’s to come.
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