Split Shoes

January 24, 2018

Having grown up not even 15 miles from Mulhall's I'm surprised I've never been there before now. It's like a plant lover / home decor dream. I just recently got a greenish thumb. I say that, but all I buy are succulents + air plants. Even if you are a beginner or expert, I'm almost positive you can find anything out there for you.

These shoes were a for-sure when I saw them on Zara. I scrolled through their shoe collection and it was love at first click. Usually when I find a pair of shoes I instantly love I end up buying them, if they're reasonably priced. More than likely those shoes will make many appearances in outfits to come. This mainly happens with shoes, but tops as well. I've caught myself second guessing something in my cart and when I do that I know it won't last long, or it'll hang in my closet for weeks. That's when I know it's not a smart buy. 

I've made shopping a job more than a hobby. I'm thinking about starting a series about how I shop and my tips + tricks. Shopping for a girl with student loan debt and the desire to buy more shoes than I need.

I linked the actual shoes above, but if you want other options I linked some down below. Happy shopping!

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